Collecting your car at the airport.

As we do not have our own offices in the airports, the airport authority has authorised a meeting place.

North Airport ‘Los Rodeos’

After collecting your luggage, keep to the left when you come into the Arrivals Hall, where you will find a bar with a kiosk behind it. Please take the lift situated opposite the kiosk (please do not use the escalator) to floor S2.

Turn left out of the lift, where you will find the meeting place and we will be waiting there for you with your contract so that you can collect your car straight away and enjoy your holiday..

South Airport ‘Reina Sofia’

After collecting your luggage, go into the Arrivals Hall, please go out through Door 10 (you will find the number at the top of the door on the right). Use the zebra crossing to the car park, where we will be waiting for you, holding a sign with your name on. After signing the contract, you will be free to take your hire car and enjoy your holiday.